zolder_anda - CULT=US

ART Gallery

Studio de Zolder X Anda


Expo 13-04 tot 26-05

De tentoonstelling wordt geopend op 13 april om        20:00 uur. Iedereen is welkom!

Cult=us is entering into a great collaboration with Studio de Zolder and Anda.electronix.

De Zolder was born in the attic and has grown into a vibrant community movement, to explore, connect and create. Puck and Osas’ attic becomes an exhibition space: ‘You can let it rot or make something out of it’

ANDA celebrates the long history of African influences on electronic music. You hear a wide range of rhythmic and progressive tracks. One of ANDA’s goals is a multidisciplinary program that brings music, live performances and art together.